This group of waterjets all utilise an optimised design intake duct, fabricated entirely from hull matching material resulting in an extremely strong and lightweight structure.  The installation method provides a high strength, simple and precise integration of the intake duct into all types of hull design and construction.

Optima Series waterjets use our latest impeller technology to deliver mixed flow type, high speed performance, within an axial build.  This approach together with hydrodynamically advanced intake geometry combines the key benefits of exceptional high-speed performance with superior cavitation margins and excellent efficiency at lower speeds and cruise conditions.

Consistent with the rest of our waterjets, no special tools are required for installation or maintenance of these models.  Designed and built with modular construction, using the best of class materials with special dual coat paint system and optimal anode placement providing exceptional reliability, extended component life and simple maintenance – hence the lowest cost of ownership ongoing.


These best of class waterjets are designed and manufactured to absolutely excel in the harsh operating conditions of the commercial and military marine markets. Whether you are a designer, a boat builder or an operator, you will relate to the distinctive benefits Optima Series waterjets have to offer, e.g. superior efficiency, ultimate hull integration and unrivaled durability to mention a few.


No matter how big or small is your vessel, we have a waterjet model in our comprehensive range to suit. Currently, there are eleven standard models within the Optima family suiting engine power up to 6500kW. Our engineering application dedicated team will assist you with the jet selection and all your other technical inquiries.


Doen WaterJets has developed a highly integrated electric hybrid waterjet propulsion package; catering to the increasing global demand for applications that require zero-emission or low-emission operation.
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Direct Thrust (DT) waterjets in Optima family provide for significant cost savings as well as more compact installation. They are mechanically simpler, and very economical to operate and maintain.
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Optima Series waterjets can be supplied as Integrated Waterjet (IWJ) variant, which provides the simplest and most cost-effective method for installing waterjets into fiberglass vessels.
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