Our waterjets are specified by the most demanding operators, and are in service within fleets of many Navy and Law-Enforcement Agencies across the globe. The following examples are provided merely to show the verity of vessel size and applications in which Doen waterjets are utilized.

Israel Navy

Waterjet: DJ260 (Twin)
Engine: Detroit S60
448 kW @ 2300 rpm
Gearboxe: ZF2000 (3.0:1)
Vessel: 25.4M L.O.A
23.5m WLL
135 tonne (laden)
Performance: 10.2 knots (laden)

US Navy

Waterjet: DJ110Z (Twin)
Engine Cummins QSB-380
380hp @ 3000 rpm
Gearbox: Twin Disc MG5075
Vessel: 11.0m LOA
10.0m WLL
8.5 tonne
Performance: 36 knots

Indonesian Navy

Waterjet: DJ260-DT (Twin)
Engine: MAN D2862 LE463
1400hp @ 2100rpm
Gearbox: ZF3050 (2.240:1)
Vessel: 25.4m LOA
23.5m WLL
135 tonne (laden)
Performance: 30+Knots (laden)

Taiwan Police

Waterjets: DJ170HP (Twin)
Engine: CAT C18 ACERT
746kW @ 2300rpm
Gearboxe: ZF2000 (1:35:1)
Vessel: 14.0m LOA
12.56m LWL
19 tonne (laden)
Performance: 46 knots

Malaysian Marine Dept.

Waterjet: DJ260 (Twin)
Engine: MTU 12V2000 M91
1119bkW @ 2350 rpm
Gearbox: ZF2550 (2.462:1)
Vessel: 25.0m LOA
22.6m WLL
73.0 tonne
Performance: 28 Knots

Border Security Force (BSF) , India

Waterjet: DJ200-IWJ (Twin)
Engine: CAT C32 ACERT
1600hp @ 2300rpm
Gearbox: Reintjets WVS430/1 (1.485:1)
Vessel: 20.0m LOA
18.6m WLL
46.5 tonne (laden)
Performance: 33 knots

Indonesian Navy

Waterjet: DJ200-DT (Twin)
Engine: MAN D2868 LE436
1200hp @ 2300rpm
Gearbox: ZF BW 255 (1.511:1)
Vessel: 18.8M LOA
15.9m WLL
23 tonne (laden)
Performance: 50+ Knots (top speed)

Vietnam Border Guard

Waterjet: DJ170HP (Twin)
Engine: Volvo Penta D13-800
588kW @ 2300rpm
Gearbox: ZF325-1 (1.459:1)
Vessel: 18.0m LOA
15.84m WLL
26.5 tonne (laden)
Performance: 38 Knots (top speed)

Indian Navy

Waterjet: DJ200-IWJ (Twin)
Engine: CAT C32 ACERT
1600hp @ 2300rpm
Gearbox: Reintjets WVS430/1 (1.485:1)
Vessel: 22.7m LOA
18.0m WLL
45 tonne (laden)
Performance: 40knots (top speed)

Australian Coast Guard

Waterjet: DJ110 (Twin)
Engine: Cummins QSB5.9
Gearbox: Twin Disc MG5061SC
Vessel: 11.9m LOA
10.7m WLL
10.8t (laden)
Performance: 30 Knots

Malaysian Coast Guard

Waterjet: DJ220 (Twin)
Engine: MTU 16 V 2000 M90
1800hp @ 2300rpm
Gearbox: ZF BW 255 (1:511:1)
Vessel: 22.5m LOA
18.4m WLL
52 tonne (full load)
Performance: 42 knots (half load)

Undisclosed European Navy Force

Waterjet: DJ100G (Twin)
Engine: Steyr SE306J38
292mhp @ 3850rpm
Gearbox: Integrated (1.25:1)
Vessel: 9.0 m L.O.A
4.7 tonne AUW
1.0 tonne Payload
Performance: 35+ Knots

Australian Lifeguard

Waterjet: DJ120
Gearbox: ZF280-1 (1.30:1)
Vessel: 8.5m LOA
7.4m WLL
4.2 tonne
Performance: 34 Knots

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