Our latest impeller and compact hydrodynamic designed intake duct are utilised across these models to underpin excellent performance and load carrying capacity.

Particularly distinct for their installation, these models all use the transom-mount method that was pioneered by Doen WaterJets.  The transom mounting provides a high strength, simple, precise and low cost installation for all types of hull design and construction.

A hull insert is used to form the initial part of the intake tunnel and provide a strong and leak proof mounting face for the waterjet to be quickly and simply bolted onto the hull. The insert also provides a great deal of flexibility for the longitudinal position of waterjet in the hull, which is invaluable to designers who have to deal with confined inboard space.

Consistent with the rest of our waterjets, no special tools are required for installation or maintenance of these models.  Designed and built with modular construction, using the best of class materials with special dual coat paint system and optimal anode placement providing exceptional reliability, extended component life and simple maintenance – hence the lowest cost of ownership ongoing.


Kompakt Series waterjets are loaded with a wide range of features appealing to designers, builder and operators. Simply put, one will not find better value for money in terms of maximum thrust the dollar invested in these commercially rated waterjets can buy.


No matter how big or small is your vessel, we have a waterjet model in our comprehensive range to suit. Currently there are seven standard models within the Kompakt Series family suiting engine power up to 960hp. Our engineering application dedicated team will assist you with the jet selection and all your other technical enquiries.


Extended inspection hatch are available for Kompakt Series, which in conjunction with a deep recesses hull insert will provide for inboard IO if required.
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Direct Thrust (DT) varinat waterjets in Kompakt family provide for more compact installation in particular. They also allow for savings by eliminating the intermediate shafting.
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In addition to our standard hydro-mechanical RSC for the reverse control, all waterjets in our range can also be configured with electronic control systems, i.e. ECS400 or ECS-lite.
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