Doen WaterJets invest significantly in R&D and works closely with customers who seek tailored waterjet solutions for their particular applications. The process has been translating into continuous improvement of existing models as well as new and innovative products, including our exclusive Integrated Waterjet variant for Optima Series.




The waterjets in the Optima Series family can also be supplied as Integrated Waterjet (IWJ). For fiberglass and composite hulls, the IWJ variant provides the simplest and most cost-effective method for installing waterjets into fiberglass vessels. A re-usable plug is used in the hull mould to laminate over and shape the intake duct surface. The IWJ assembly is then bolted directly to the hull as moulded, without any large cut-outs or internal flange bolting.


To simplify the mechanical complexity and to further reduce the installed cost, the IWJ shaft is utilising the DT shaftline. Our shafting alignment fixture that is supplied for IWJ makes it very simple and fast to position engine and gearbox.

Empowering the customer to mass produce intake ducts as part of hull production, the IWJ product variants offer significant cost savings, simpler maintenance and more compact installation.

The shaft length of IWJ variant is finite it is therefore required for our engineering application dedicated team to review the machinery layout to assess if the product suits your vessel.

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