Hybrid-Electric Waterjet

Catering to the increasing global demand for applications that require zero-emission or low-emission operation, we have applied our advanced waterjet design and technical capability to develop  the only Hybrid-Electric variant waterjet with an integrated Power Take In (P.T.I.). feature.  Ideal for customers wanting an add on electric hybrid solution without significant change  to established drive train or risk of compromising the reliability of the vessel.

The Hybrid-Electric variant is offered on selected models in our range, which can now be supplied or retrofitted with the integrated P.T.I. that presents a forward facing input coupling for the connection and matching of an electric motor rated of up to 300 kW, continuous to the waterjet.

Our approach has been to work with a traditional propulsion arrangement, which is proven and simple to support.   The jet-mounted P.T.I.  has a in-built clutch for safety; acts as the interface point between the traditional propulsion system and the chosen hybrid system, giving the customer confidence that the systems can operate independently with added redundancy rather than liability.  The Jet mounted P.T.I. provides facility for perfectly matching electric motor characteristics to the established diesel to waterjet impeller configuration.

This innovative approach eliminates the need for an expensive hybrid-ready marine transmissions, special in-series transmission products or in-series electric motors between engine and waterjet, and provides a simple and cost effective device for combining and converting diesel and electric power at the waterjet with the following possible modes of operations:

Diesel Only

In this traditional propulsion arrangement, diesel engines provide power for propulsion and electric motor can be completely disconnected by clutch if required.

Electric Only

AC motor drives the propulsion directly and the diesel engine is off and disconnected from the propulsion. Vessel can operate silently with zero emissions for the duration supported by the energy storage.

Electric Boost

Diesel engine and AC motor , through the P.T.I., provide power for propulsion simultaneously.


Diesel engines provide power for propulsion.  Reserve power available from the diesel used by AC Motors generate power which can be  stored in  the energy storage and/or used to supply the vessel distribution panel with power for hotel loads.   In this mode  the need to run separate genset engines is eliminated by P.T.I. ability to act as a Power Take Out (P.T.O.).

To support the Hybrid-Electric waterjet package, our ECS400 control platform is readily able to interface to the electric motor, the electric power management system and the diesel engine; ensuring that the distribution of “power” is managed seamlessly.  From the Captain’s point of view, the propulsion and ships control at the wheelhouse remains unchanged; regardless of the specific mode of operation.

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