Combining the reverse and steering functions into one rugged system, waterjet propulsion provides for excellent manoeuvrability at high speeds as well as low speeds – and full manoeuvrability even when the boat is in a stationary position.

Doen WaterJets offers a complete range of dedicated waterjet controls; from simple hydro-mechanical to sophisticated fully integrated electronic systems, each waterjet model has several options to best suit different application and budget requirements.


Doen’s own Rotary Servo Control (RSC) unit is an integrated proportional hydraulic control system providing simple and exact follow up control of the waterjets reverse buckets by conventional lever via push-pull cable. Bucket position is relative to input lever position. Mechanical hydraulic follow up control with de-coupled feedback system allows quick and free lever movement at all times.

The RSC unit and all hydraulic components are jet mounted, with the hydraulic pump belt driven off input coupling.

For waterjets configured with RSC, the steering will be controlled independently by way of manual or power assisted hydraulic system.


ECS400 - our fully fledged electronic control system that integrates waterjet steering & reverse, engine throttle and marine gear select into one state-of-the-art system. Fully Class compliant, the system is complete with all necessary monitoring, alarm, back-up and emergency control functions.


Controls at your fingertips - ECS400 deploys a robust LCD colour display in conjunction with double function levers for vessel control. The screen serves as both a display unit and user interface easily accessed by way of touchscreen menus.


CANbus Technology - to maximise redundancy in the system, ECS400 uses separate microprocessor control units to combines waterjet reverse and steering control together with primary engine throttle and marine gear command into the one simple to operate lever panel.


For budget driven projects, ECS-lite, provides for a simple and low-cost electronic control system that combines the bucket reverse and engine throttle controls into a single double function lever. It also provides for gear select and basic alarm functions.

ECS-lite is scalable and can be supplied for single or multiple waterjet installation. It can also be configured for multiple control station set ups.

For waterjets configured with ECS-lite, the steering will be controlled independently by way of manual or power assisted hydraulic system.


eDOCK - for the ultimate docking control and low speed manoeuvring, ECS400 can be fitted with our eDOCK panel. The single joystick co-ordinates the combined control of all waterjets steering and reversing and the engine throttle to provide a proportional thrust necessary to move the vessel in the desired direction with the desired speed.The eDOCK panel enables the captain to intuitively manoeuvre the vessel in any direction pointed by the joystick and control the yaw by twisting the stick.


Standalone Docking Station - ECS400 can be fitted with our eDOCK joystick, either as an adjacent panel at the main station or as a standalone device.


ECS400, is totally scalable and provides for unlimited possibilities by way of programming. Easy customer configuration, e.g. ideal override and neutral adjust by the touchscreen set-up menus are just one example.


Steering for ECS400 is available as electronic helm, azimuth lever or smart tiller and can be also configured as a combination of above-mentioned devices.


ECS400 offers easy integration into third party systems such as autopilot, bow thruster, dynamic positioning (DP) or the remote control in autonomous applications such as USV.

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