Our waterjets are specified by the most demanding operators, including oil companies, offshore support firms and ferry operators. The following examples are provided merely to show the verity of vessel size and applications in which Doen waterjets are utilized.

45m Crew Boat

Waterjet: DJ290 (Quad)
Engine CAT C32 ACERT
1450bhp @ 2100rpm
Gearbox: Twin Disc MGX6620SC
Vessel: 45.0m LOA
42.0m WLL
385 tonne (laden)
Performance: 30+ Knots (top speed)

35m Catamaran Passenger Ferry

Waterjet: DJ200 (Quad)
Engine: Scania DI16 076M
662bkW @ 2300pm
Gearbox: Twin Disc (1.73:1)
Vessel 35.8 WLL
10m Beam
115 tonne

Performance: 32 knots

33m Passenger Ferry

Waterjet: DJ260 (Twin)
Engine: MTU 12V2000 M72
1080kW @ 2250rpm
Gearboxe: ZF4540 (2.333:1)
Vessel: 33.0m L.O.A
30.6m WLL
up to 100 tonne (laden)
Performance: 30 Knots

15m Workboat (Catamaran)

Waterjet: DJ172 (Twin)
Engine: FPT N67 570
500mhp @ 3000rpm

Gearbox: ZF286 (2.269:1)
Vessel: 15m LOA
5.2m Beam
20.5 tonne (laden)

Performance: 22 Knots

34m Passenger Ferry

Waterjet: DJ170HP (Quad)
Engine: Volvo Pentna D6
750hp @ 1900rpm
Gearbox: Dong DMT-240W (1.25:1)
Vessel: 34.0m LOA
5.6m Beam
50 tonne (laden)
Performance: 38 Knots (top speed)

36m Crew Boat

Waterjet: DJ290 (Triple)
Engine: CAT C32 ACERT
1450 bhp @ 2100 rpm
Gearbox: MGX 6620SC (2.44:1)
Vessel: 36.0m LOA
33.0m WLL
7.5m Beam
Performance: 25 Knots

20m Passenger Ferry

Waterjets: DJ172 (Twin)
Engine: Volvo D13-700
700hp @ 2300rpm
Gearboxe: ZF325-1 (1.459:1)
Vessel: 19.4m LOA
21 tonne (light)
27 tonne (laden)
Performance: 38 Knots

23m Catamaran Crew Boat

Waterjet: DJ220-IWJ (Twin)
Engine: VOLVO D16MH
751mhp @ 1900 rpm
Gearbox: ZF665 (1.743:1)
Vessel: 23.0m LOA
21.8m WLL
85 t (laden)
Performance: 20 Knots

16m WFSV

Waterjet: DJ140HP-DT (Twin)
Engine: Yanmar 6LY2A-STP
440hp @ 3300rpm
Gearbox: ZF 280-1 (2.0:1)
Vessel: 16.4m LOA
13.5m LWL
18 tonne
Performance: 24 Knots

Fish Farm Support Vessel

Waterjet: DJ142
Engine: Cummins Q11 610
610hp @ 2300rpm
Gearbox: ZF305-3 (1.220:1)
Vessel: 10.3m LOA
3.3m Beam
9 tonne (laden)

Performance: 27 Knots

17m Spud Barge

Waterjet: DJ140HP-DT (Twin)
Engine: Doosan L086TIH
280hp @ 2800rpm
Gearbox: Twin Disc (1.47:1)
Vessel: 17.4m LOA
13.5m WLL
116 tonne
Performance: 7 Knots

15m Pilot Boat

Waterjet: DJ110 (Twin)
Engine: FPT N67 x2
420hp x 3000rpm
Gearbox: ZF220 (1.128:1)
Vessel: 14.95m LOA
12.59m WLL
12 tonne
Performance: 32 Knots

11m Landing Craft

Waterjet: DJ110 (Twin)
Engine: John Deere 6068SFM M4
Gearbox: ZF 280-1 (1.0:1.0)
Vessel 11.0m LOA
9.0m WLL
10.6 tonne (laden)

Performance: 31 Knots (no cargo)

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