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DJ330 DOEN Waterjet

CanBUS based electronic control systems providing waterjet, engine and marine gear control complete with alarm, monitoring function and back-up controls, to suit all vessels with multiple control stations and multiple engine configurations.

The DJ330 is a single stage, compact, high performance waterjet combining mixed flow pump characteristics within a simple axial build. This approach combines the key benefits of excellent high-speed efficiency together with superior cavitation margins at lower speeds and high load conditions.

The DJ330 comes standard with Inboard Hydraulics arranged so that all hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic hoses and position sensing devices are completely inboard.


The DJ330 comes standard with Inboard Thrust Bearing assembly arranged in a self contained removeable housing that can be simply changed on water.

The DJ330 is supplied with a pre-fabricated intake duct mounting system ready to fully weld or bolt in the boat. Fabricated from Aluminium or Steel plate, to suit the hull material, the intake duct structure is extremely strong and lightweight.

The DJ330 can also be supplied in DIRECT THRUST or INTEGRATED WATER JET configuration providing the customer with a unique range of configuration options and installation solutions to best suit the project requirements and budget.


For maximum service life and extreme resistance to erosion and corrosion, the DJ330 waterjet is offered standard with ALL STAINLESS STEEL construction of the impeller, impeller housing and the discharge nozzle parts.


 Impeller Diameter 838 mm
 Input Power: 2750 kW cont.
  3090 kW sprint 
 Vessel Length:  From: 28m (twin)
Up to: 53m (multijet)
 Vessel AUW: From: 80t (twin)
Up to: 320t (multijet)

Vessel Data is for reference guide only.