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DJ170HP DOEN Waterjet

The DJ170HP is built for heavy duty operation using materials such as Duplex Stainless Steel and double powdercoated Aluminum castings all protected with a multi anode anti-corrosion system providing maximum service life and extreme resistance to erosion and corrosion.

The DJ170HP is a single stage, compact, high performance waterjet combining mixed flow pump characteristics within a simple axial build. This approach combines the key benefits of excellent high-speed efficiency together with superior cavitation margins at lower speeds and high load conditions.


Complete Jet mounted inboard hydraulic control system with belt driven hydraulic pump, hydraulic cylinders, control valves, integrated oil cooling with inboard hoses and fittings.

The DJ170HP is supplied with a pre-fabricated intake duct mounting system ready to fully weld or bolt in the boat. Fabricated from Aluminium or Steel plate, to suit the hull material, the intake duct structure is extremely strong and lightweight.


 Impeller Diameter 432 mm
 Input Power: 750 kW cont.
930 kW sprint 
 Vessel Length:  Single: 9m-13m
Twin: 13m-20m
 Vessel AUW: Single: up to 12.0t
Twin: up to 26.0t

Vessel Data is for reference guide only.