DJ85 DOEN Waterjet

The DJ85 waterjet model has been in Doen’s product range for over twenty years enjoying an ongoing evolution of pump design updates and product improvements along the way to ensure it continues to offer the best possible performance with the latest features.

The current DJ85 is a rugged and robust product that very well suits heavy-duty commercial applications such as fast rescue craft as well as leisure boats.

The DJ85 is constructed using a modular parts method for simplicity of assembly and ongoing maintenance. No special tools or equipment are required to service these components.


The DJ85 comes standard with Doen’s Reverse Control; a mechanical proportional hydraulic system providing simple and exact follow up control of the waterjets reverse buckets by conventional lever and 33C cable.

The Doen transom mounting method provides a quick and simple installation solution for all hull types and all hull materials and provides flexibility of the longitudinal position of the waterjet.


 Impeller Diameter: 217 mm
 Input Power: 185 kW cont.
220kW sprint
 Vessel Length:  Single: 5m-7m
Twin: 7m-9m
 Vessel AUW: Single: up to 2.5t
Twin: up to 6t


Vessel Data is for reference guide only.