DJ100G DOEN Waterjet

The quick and simple transom mounting method results in less intrusion into inboard machinery space. Doen can also offer very compact engine to jet coupling systems with the DJ100G when there is the need to have the machinery arranged further aft in the boat.


The DJ100G is specifically released to address the market gap for a sleekly designed, lightweight, cost-effective waterjet that efficiently generate high thrust in low to medium speed regimes. This high performance waterjet combines the key benefits of excellent high efficiency together with superior cavitation margins at lower speeds and high load conditions.

The split duct-reversing bucket provides excellent high thrust reverse maneuverability. This is power operated by a high force, 12VDC actuator or with a heavy duty hydraulic option. Feather light follow up control is achieved through the position sensing control box operated by 33C type cable.

Using Doen’s long proven axial flow technology the 254mm diameter impeller delivers high thrust over the entire speed range with unrivalled low speed cavitation resistance.

Provides simple and precise engine to jet matching with compact high revving diesels and high horsepower gas V8’s, without the need for a marine gear. Constructed with wide faced, ground helical gears, this robust assembly has been designed and tested for continuous commercial use.


 Impeller Diameter 254 mm
 Input Power: 225 kW cont.
300 kW sprint 
 Vessel Length:  Single: 6m-8m
Twin: 8m-10m
 Vessel AUW: Single: up to 3.5t
Twin: up to 8.0t

Vessel Data is for reference guide only.