Pre Fabricated Duct

The Doen prefabricated duct installation method provides a high strength, simple and precise installation for all hull types of hull design and construction.

Strong and Lightweight
- Made from only plate and wrought material the resulting intake duct structure is extremely Strong and Lightweight.

Material Compatibility
- The prefabricated duct is manufactured in Aluminium or Steel to specifically suit the hull material. This ensures complete compatibility and eliminates potential corrosion problems at the hull duct interface due to dissimilar materials.

Integral to hull
- Maximum hull integrity is achieved through the fully welded installation, which results in the intake duct becoming an integral part of the hull. There are no internal flanges to seal and maintain in the transom or bottom of the boat.

Ready to Install
- The duct is supplied as a complete fully machined part ready to install. The benefit to the ship builder is quick and simple with no requirement for re-work or in vessel machining and finishing.

Custom designs 
- Custom designs are possible to optimise vessel performance and to improve hull installation and machinery interfacing.