Transom Mounting

The Doen transom mounting method provides a high strength, simple, precise and low cost installation for all hull types of hull design and construction.

Hull insert
- A hull insert is used to form the initial part of the intake tunnel and provide a rigid and flat mounting face for the waterjet

Integral to hull
- The hull insert forms an integral part of the hull and provides a strong and leak proof mounting. There is no need to cut or seal large holes in the transom and bottom of the boat.

Suits all materials
- The hull insert is manufactured in the hull material. Mould inserts are used for GRP boats and bolt in inserts for wooden and plastic hull types. Weld in inserts for aluminium and steel boats.

Flexibility of position 
- The hull insert simply adjusts for varying hull deadrise and transom angle as well as providing a way of altering the longitudinal position of the waterjet in the hull.

Simple & Quick
- The Doen Waterjet bolts directly to the mounting face making installation very quick and very simple.