Hybrid Variant

For selected models in our range we have developed a highly integrated electric hybrid waterjet propulsion package; catering to the increasing global demand for applications that require zero-emission or low-emission operation. These waterjets can now be supplied with an integrated Power-Take-In (P.T.I.) feature. The P.T.I. presents a forward facing input coupling for the connection of an electric motor rated of up to 150kW, continuous.


Similar to conventional applications, the waterjet and its impeller will be selected and configured to suit the vessel requirements and the diesel engine power characteristics. Within the P.T.I. device there is provision for changing relative input/output ratio that enable us best match the electric motors power characteristic to the particular waterjet and engine system.  This ensures optimal performance and efficiency is obtained for both diesel engine and electric motor.

The innovative approach eliminates the need for an expensive hybrid-ready marine transmissions or special in-series transmission products between engine and gearbox, and provides a simple and cost effective device for combining and converting diesel and electric power at the waterjet with the following possible modes of operations:

Both diesel and electric power can be used in parallel in this arrangement.  This provides further opportunity to achieve specific lower overall emissions by using the electric power to boost the maximum overall power output for periods when needed and therefore specify less powerful diesel engines to begin with.

It is envisaged that the batteries can be charged externally using AC or DC chargers; or recharged using the primary diesel when the electric power is not utilized.

To support the Hybrid-Ready waterjet package, Doen’s ECS400 control platform is readily able to interface to the electric motor, the electric power management system and the diesel engine; ensuring that the distribution of “power” is managed seamlessly.  From the Captain’s point of view, the propulsion and ships control at the wheelhouse remains unchanged; regardless of the specific mode of operation.

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