With Doen’s Direct Thrust waterjet products the impeller main shaft is arranged to thrust directly to the gearbox just like a conventional propeller arrangement. Cheaper, Simpler, Compact.

Gearbox thrust – Conventional Marine Gearboxes are designed to absorb propeller thrust. A marine gearbox can also absorb a waterjets impeller thrust., eliminating the need for the waterjets own thrust bearing system.

Arrangement Options– The waterjet shaft line connects directly to the gearbox output coupling for a very compact installation without need for intermediate shafting. Both remote mounted and engine mounted gearbox arrangements are possible.

Conventional Shaft Seal – The use of a “traditional” shaft line allows conventional off the shelf shaft seal and coupling products to be used.

Simple Installation –The supplied Shafting alignment fixture makes it very simple and fast to position and align to the gearbox .