eDOCK Joystick Docking Control

eDOCK is a single joystick control that simultaneously actuates and controls waterjet steering & reverse with engine throttle for precise and intuitive low speed manoeuvring control.

It allows accurate vessel positioning by controlling vectored thrust from the waterjet. Multi axis joystick provides multi axis vessel control with twist knob for yaw correction.

eDOCK is an ‘Add on’ technology – integrates with all Doen electronic control systems (ECS) to provide easy and initiative joystick docking feature.


The latest version, eDOCK-DP has the same single joystick vector control functionality of its predecessor, eDOCK, but it also can provide the captain with basic station keeping capability by controlling jets and bow thruster.


‘Anchor’ mode allows the vessel to freely pivot around a set point and ‘Keep Position’ automatically maintains both vessel location and heading. While station keeping, the position and the heading may be re-adjusted with the joystick if required. This feature maximises the flexibility and the safety of the system.



Single control enclosure housing CPU unit
Fully programmable with simple setup and calibration
Configurable output for bow thruster control
Configurable inputs for external device (auto pilot, GPS compass, etc.) integration