ECS-400 Electronic Control System


Fully integrated electronic control for waterjet (steering & reversing), engine throttle and marine gear for single or multiple waterjet installation, and in single or multiple control station configurations.


ECS400, Doen’s latest waterjet electronic control system, is totally scalable and provides for unlimited configuration possibilities. To maximise redundancy in the system, it uses separate microprocessor control units to combines waterjet reverse and steering control together with primary engine throttle and marine gear command into the one simple to operate system.


The system deploys a robust LCD colour display in conjunction with conventional levers for vessel control. The screen serves as both a display unit and user interface easily accessed by way of touchscreen menus. Fully Class compliant, the system is complete with all necessary monitoring, alarm, back-up and emergency control functions.



  • Touchscreen colour display
  • CAN BUS technology
  • Plug in cabling using Deutsch Connectors.
  • Gear Select – interlocked push button gear selection.
  • Engine Sync – one lever sync of engine speed and bucket control.
  • Idle override – push button idle ramping for enhanced low speed manoeuvrability.
  • Throttle Signal – available as Voltage, Current and PWM.
  • Software adjustable for in field setting and fine tuning of vessel control parameters.
  • Auto calibration sensors.
  • Simple customer configuration, e.g. neutral adjust by screen set-up menus