Rotary Servo Control - RSC

Rotary Servo Control (RSC) is an integrated proportional hydraulic control system providing simple and exact follow up control of the
waterjets reverse buckets by conventional lever.

  • Mechanical follow-up control – bucket position is relative to input lever position. Mechanical hydraulic follow up control with de-coupled feedback system allows quick and free lever movement at all times.
  • Conventional levers – Control of the reverse bucket is by conventional hand control via Morse 33C cable to RSC input lever. Single lever throttle with bucket function and neutral start safety interlock possible.
  • RSC valve unit – Doen manufactured RSC unit is engineered for simple construction and enhanced reliability. Low-pressure servo control circuit operates high-pressure cylinder control. Integral pilot check valve ensure positive bucket position and no cylinder leak down.
  • Integrated hydraulics - Simple and fast installation. All components jet mounted, hydraulic pump belt driven off input coupling. Complete hose and fittings kit