ECS-100 Electronic Control System


For 8m – 20m vessels multiple main station control and single-engine configuration



ECS100 electronic control system provides a simple integrated waterjet, engine and marine gear control providing basic alarm and system monitoring functions.  
The system uses a robust LCD colour display (200mm x 150mm) in conjunction with conventional lever for vessel control. The lever provides combined bucket and engine throttle control. 
The screen serves as both a display unit and user interface. All main functions e.g. sync, idle override, station transfer etc. are presented on the main screen for quick and simple operation.
Set-up and system data information is easily accessed by way of screen menus.



  • LCD colour displays
  • CAN BUS technology
  • Plug in cabling using Deutsch Connectors.
  • Gear Select – interlocked push button gear selection.
  • Engine Sync – one lever sync of engine speed and bucket control.
  • Idle override – push button idle ramping for enhanced low speed manoeuvrability.
  • Throttle Signal – available as Voltage, Current and PWM.
  • Simple customer configuration by screen set-up menus.
  • Metal, watertight main enclosure.