Control Systems

Combining the reverse and steering functions into one rugged system, waterjet propulsion provides for excellent manoeuvrability in high speeds as well as low speeds – and even when the boat is neither moving ahead nor astern.



Doen WaterJets offers a complete range of dedicated waterjet controls; from simple hydro-mechanical to sophisticated fully integrated electronic systems, each waterjet model has several options to best suit different application and budget requirements.


By default 100 Series waterjets are supplied with follow-up hydraulic Retro Servo Control (RSC) for the reverse bucket and manual or power assisted steering. However, all model can also be supplied with electronic control system in single or multiple jet configurations.


The standard control for 200/300 Series is ECS400, our CAN bus electronic control system that integrates waterjet controls (steering and reverse), engine throttle and marine gear select into one state of the art system. ECS400 also provides for alarm, monitoring, back up and emergency control function.


The open architecture of our electronic control allows us to offer integration into third party systems such as autopilot, bow thruster, or remote control in unmanned (USV) applications.


For the ultimate docking control and low speed manoeuvring, electronic control systems can be fitted with our eDOCK multifunction joystick panel.