ECS-200 Electronic Control System


For 15m – 25m vessels dual main station control and twin-engine configuration


ECS200 Control is a powerful dual station - twin waterjet control system. It combines waterjet reverse and steering control together with primary engine throttle and marine gear command into the one simple to operate system.
Each waterjet in the system uses separate microprocessor control
units, each cross communicating by independent CAN bus lines
ensuring a high level of redundancy.
Fully Class compliant, the system is complete with all necessary
monitoring, alarm, back-up and emergency control functions.



  • CAN BUS technology
  • Plug in cabling using Deutsch Connectors.
  • Gear Panel – interlocked push button gear selection.
  • Engine Sync – one lever sync of engine speed and bucket control.
  • Idle override – two High Idle Selects for enhanced low speed manoeuvrability.
  • Throttle Signal – available as Voltage, Current and PWM.
  • Software adjustable for in field setting and fine tuning of vessel control parameters.
  • Metal, watertight enclosures – using serviceable componentry.